Makabata Cafe & Guesthouse - Bahay Tuluyan || Malate, Manila, Philippines

Bahay Tuluyan contacted us for our services last month. One of our Affiliate Photographers, Jessie, was able to cover this project.

Here are Jessie's words:

"The Makabata is a guesthouse (and cafe) run by Bahay Tuluyan

It is a social enterprise which trains the young people to make them more employable after a short-term employment at the guesthouse. 

It is a great way to train the youth in the neighbourhood and give them the experience of working in the tourism industry. 

All the people working in there were young, below 20 years old and full of energy and enthusiasm. 

The guesthouse believes in saving the street kids from abuse, both physical and sexual. If I am not wrong there were young volunteers from overseas staying at the hotel to help further the cause."

This is so awesome! What a great project to be a part of! Thanks for contacting us Bahay Tuluyan and thanks for the photos and story, Jessie!

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