Kalinga Tribal Christian Training Center - Part 1 || Kalinga Mountain Province, Philippines

I set out to Kalinga Mountain province back in April to photograph multiple projects under the KALINGA TRIBAL CHRISTIAN TRAINING CENTER founded by Cathee & Chris Mapes.

Cathee, a 3rd generation Butbut, lives among them with her American husband and their 2 children. She has started this co-op for organic farmers in their village as well as surrounding ones. She sees what the future holds. She has a heart for her people. She has learned from the ones who have gone before her, and she is the bridge to the younger ones. 

The fathers and the sons, the mamas and the babies, the young girls and the old women, all come together as a community from early morning until just before noon.
Some cutting banana tree trunk into thin slices, others mincing fresh ginger as more peel the skins out of egg shells and crush them, while others still fill bamboo with cooked rice.
All of these ingredients make up the concoctions for the organic sprays that are used. These sprays that are a fraction of the cost of store-bought chemical sprays and are 100% organic.

It's really an amazing community they have up there.

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