Why YOU should be an Affliate Photographer for PFAC

Let me want to tell you a little more about PFAC, this network I have recently formed. It involves ProPhotographers giving back through the means of their camera.

PHOTOGS FOR A CAUSE (PFAC) was birthed out of the heart of professional photographers wanting to give back and do something tangible for NGOs in their area. 

(photos below taken for NGO, Gentle Hands, Inc.)

I was often asked when shooting with other photographers, or networking at events with them, "What are you doing in the Philippines". It was through this conversation that I was able to tell them about my work with NGOs. Over and over I heard them say, "Wow, I so would love to be able to give back by working with NGOs".

PFAC is simply a bridge that goes between NGOs who have little or no budget for photography needs for their marketing, awareness, website, and any other official NGO use and the Photographers able to "give back" by donating their time, talent and images to an NGO needing a professional photographer, pro bono.

Really...it's a win-win for everyone. :)

I would ask that you, a full or part-time ProPhotog, consider joining forces with us. 

The membership is free.

How it will work is that when an NGO requests services, we send out an email finding someone who can do it on that day. 

If you are able and available to photograph the project, you simply let us know and we will set everything up for you. You simply show up, shoot, and get to know an amazing NGO that will, most probably, capture a piece of your heart. 

How often you decide to volunteer with shooting, is entirely up to you. You can give as much, or as little as your life and schedule allow. There is no obligations. Just do what you can, when you can. 

The first step is to fill out the Application Form. Please find the link below.
After your application form has been reviewed you will be notified. 

From there we will give you information (and training, if necessary) about working with and photographing NGOs. When you have completed the necessary reading/training, we will then put your name in our database and when we have projects, we will do a mass email (like mentioned above) to all of our photographers to see who is available.

Giving Back with our gift of photography is a simple but powerful gift to NGOs. 

We hope you will consider becoming part of PFAC.


If you are a photographer and would like to shoot for Photogs for a Cause, contact us at photogsforacause@gmail.com

If you are an NGO that needs professional photographs of your organization, please contact us today at