Camp New Beginnings & Maternity Clinic - GROW International || San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines

Located in the jungle mountains of San Mateo, Camp New Beginnings is just that - once, many many years ago, a camp but had since been left and was what looked like beyond repair. The Buchers, missionaries from Chicago who have lived here for almost 10 years, decided to make a go of it and the results are astounding!

A farm located in the back portion of the property, has been made and will continue to grow, to make sustainability for locals in the area. It also is maintained and used to develop character and other life skills for the Street Boys Outreach they do every weekend.

In the actual camp building itself, the main auditorium is used for the meeting area and teaching for the Maternity clinic which is every week to the women of the area. 

The facility is gorgeous and rustic, with sleeping quarters for male and female, a huge kitchen and meeting area and lots of outside space. The Buchers also rent the facility out to small groups and organizations, which helps to support the work they do in San Mateo.


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